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What if Your Soil Functioned Like a Tractor?

What if your soil functioned like a tractor? Would it be the farm big tractor or the scraper tractor you have? The vital basis for the functioning of the soil is its’ health and the management of that land by the farmer.

As is known, healthy soils have a combination of clay, sand, silt, air, water, organic matter which is all kept alive by microbial life. Upset the soil livestock and management problems start to show-up; weeds, nutrient imbalance, waterlogging, poor crops, the list and headaches go on just Like a tractor breaking down.

Start with a soil health plan to remedy those worse areas.

Nova-Q offer a soil conditioner range made-up of live bacteria consortia which fills in the gaps of soil livestock, boosting microbial population and replacing those missing. This award winning product works by using a mix of Aerobic, Facultative Anaerobic, Chemotropic and Photosynthetic species, (group 1 category species only) easily applied with manure or via a crop sprayer. This bacteria cocktail will work in waterlogged or aerated environments to stimulate development and unlock bound nutrients. If you service your tractors repeatedly then why don’t you improve your soil structure by assisting in a more productive environment with AquaClean™.

Tailored Applications:

From the management side, some basic sequencing rules (just like tractor maintenance) will give the best result depending on the farm workload. Applications can be tailored to work with stubbles, ploughed land, crop establishment and throughout the plant crop growing cycle. Because of the flexibility of biological life, Nova-Q soil conditioner range can go into slurry and water treatment situations trapping valuable nitrogen and sulphur from being lost to the atmosphere. This reduces the smell, odour and makes treated liquid easier to work. There are many examples of slurry lagoons becoming less lumpy, reducing emptying time and cleaning.

Nova-Q range includes liquid soil remediation, soil remediation plus, sludge and cellulose degrading treatments and a powder range of treatment for those that require different handling systems. All have a two year shelf life and come with back-up from a dedicated team.

Author: Nigel Lyster, Nutrel Group
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