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  • Septic Tank Treatment
    "I am delighted to say that the ACF32 has been fast-acting and the septic tank odour has completely gone. I shall certainly be ordering more in due course to make sure that the tank is properly cared for and efficient." Chris - Waterford

Septic Tank Treatment

Septic tanks and small-scale community water treatment plants are biological systems for breaking down the organic matter and inorganic nitrogen in wastewater. Like all biological systems, they rely on a healthy population of the right bacteria species in order to perform.

There are many types of septic tank, from the large single underground tank to the multi-chamber aerated systems, all generally leading to a soak out/percolation area or French drain. No matter which system it is, a healthy population of bacteria is required. Once a population is established, in normal circumstances the septic tank will run for months without issue. But there are several situations where boosting the population will be of benefit, including:

  • Starting a septic tank for the first time;
  • Restarting the septic tank after a long period away (such as with a holiday home);
  • Where the system has had a shock - maybe bleach or another cleaning chemical
  • During abnormal weather conditions - hot weather makes it more difficult for oxygen to be dissolved into the water.

The Solution

AquaClean™ ACF32 is a proprietary, multi-species formula of live bacteria effective in breaking down the organic fraction of sewage and wastewater, as well as the inorganic nitrogen. By breaking down the solids quickly and effectively, AquaClean™ significantly reduces costly maintenance to the system, which includes tank pumping, and system backup. When used regularly, the septic system will function properly and avoid costly repair and/or replacement. AquaClean™ will remediate percolation problems in the drainage field soil and assure constant filtration back to the environment. [Note: mechanical issues, such as broken aeration or solids traps must be fixed prior to adding any bacteria products]

Benefits of using AquaClean™ in Septic Tanks:

  • Provides a broad spectrum of bacteria, including those that cycle ammonia;
  • Is a stable, liquid product so ready and easy to use;
  • Maintains Optimal Conditions;
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs;
  • Remediate Percolation Problems;
  • Eliminates Odour;
  • One bottle provides either a full startup or 8 months of maintenance;

The application of AquaClean™ to the septic tank system is easy. It can be added indoors to the toilets and sinks or outdoors directly into the septic tanks. Simply use the following table to determine the correct quantity and frequency of the application.

  • In the Septic Tank: Locate the porthole and add the recommended dosage of AquaClean to the tank.
  • In the Toilet: Add AquaClean directly to the toilet and flush once. [TIP: ideally use in a toilet that has not been recently flushed as this reduces the risk of chlorine in the water]
Do not add AquaClean™ immediately before or after the use of household chemicals or detergents, as these products can inhibit bacteria growth. It is recommended that AquaClean is added at night after system use has stopped for the day.

Septic Tank Dosing

How to Buy?

The AquaClean™ ACF32 can be purchased directly from Nova Q, either by calling to our premises in Kimmage, Dublin or by ordering through phone or email. Details are on our Contact page.

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