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    Enviro-Chem™ has been used successfully for more than 12 years in Europe and in the USA in a large variety of applications


Odour prevention and odour control are among of the most significant challenges facing many industries: pressure from local communities is becoming more and more intense and legislation is evolving rapidly.

Nearly all the so called “odour removers” currently on the market are nothing more than masking agents. These simply cover-up the offensive smell and replace it temporarily with a different odour.

POCA Technology

Sargo’s POCA technology Preventive Odour Control Agents is entirely different. It actually removes odours by chemically altering their volatile emissions to reduce the levels of nitrogen and sulphur compounds that cause the odours. The result is that hydrogen sulfide (H2S) will NOT be formed.

In addition to eliminating existing odours, the POCA technology also prevents the creation of new odours by stabilizing ongoing decomposition processes.

Proven Results

Enviro-Chem™ has been used successfully for more than 12 years in Europe and in the USA in a large variety of applications: waste water stations, landfills, composting facilities, waste containers, sewage systems, etc. In each case, Enviro-Chem™ has permanently eliminated the toughest odours.

In addition to its superior effectiveness, Enviro-Chem™ products are safe and proven to be friendly for the environment, by suppressing smelly and dangerous gases, such as hydrogen sulphide.

Other advantages of the POCA technology include its: (a) ease of use, (b) low cost, and (c) environmentally-safe composition. A number of successful, on-location tests have been conducted with the POCA technology in a wide variety of uses. To date, the products have been proven to effectively control odour in sewage sludge disposal locations, landfills (general control, leachate treatment, etc.), transfer stations, truck wash locations, composting facilities, etc

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Our Markets


Nova Q have been supplying innovative disinfectants for many years. We offer a variety of disinfectant and cleaning products for professional use.


Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technologies have evolved quickly in recent years - we can help manage some of the common problems often arising in RAS.

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Lake Treatment & Environmental Remediation

The use of natural bacteria to break down sludges and consume excess nutrients is the most cost effective way to restore a pond to perfect water quality.

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Waste Water Treatment

Nova Q help treatment plant operators get the maximum from their systems, combining technical expertise with the AquaClean™ biological product range.

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Septic Tanks

Like all biological systems, septic tanks and small-scale community water treatment plants rely on a healthy population of the right bacteria species in order to perform.

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Crop Nutrition

Matching the nutrient treatments with the crop is often a challenge - our products and expertise can help you get the best from your crops.

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Soil Biology

The soil food web is an intricate, interdependent, and fragile network of life, and its symbiotic relationships are fundamental for agriculture.

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Agricultural Waste

All organic by-products from agriculture are valuable. But they need to be managed carefully to maximise their re-use in the circular economy.

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Compost contains high levels of nutrients which are not readily bio-available - using bacteria is a highly effective strategy for changing this.

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Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestion is a complex biological process. We have developed an extensive offering of innovative products and technologies specifically for the AD market.

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Innovation has always been the focus in Nova Q and, whilst most of our products and services fit into some key categories, there are some with a broader range of applications:

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