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Pond Perfect

Pond Perfect is an all-natural blend of beneficial Nitrifying and Heterotrophic bacteria specifically selected to consume excessive nutrients typical in ponds and lakes. 

Pond Perfect is not a chemical! Super-concentrated with a superior blend of natural, non-toxic, GMO free bacteria, It is designed to reduce odours and sludge without the use of chemicals. It is completely natural and will not have adverse effects on fish or vascular plants. 

Pond Perfect is available in three sizes. 375ml, 1Ltr and 4Ltr easy to use bottles. Simply shake, open and pour.

Pond Perfect has been proven to:

 Make water crystal clear

 Eliminate foul odours

 Digest organic sludge which helps maintain required oxygen levels during the summer heat.

 Reduce & eliminate severe or chronic problems such as scum and mats on the pond surface or attached to rocks

To avoid undesirable pond water, apply Pond Perfect before problems begin. Results will be seen in one to 4 weeks, depending on the severity of the problem. Dose Ponds once a week. For severe problems, such as scum and mats, use double the dose until the problems are solved then revert to normal dosing as outlined below. 

Pond Size Litres  Dose (ml/Week)
1,000                      15
2,000                      30
4,000                      60
7,000                      90
10,000                    120
20,000                    180
40,000                    240
70,000                    360
100,000                  500
200,000                  1,000
400,000                  2,000
 Pond Perfect will soon be available on Amazon
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