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Pond & Lake Treatments

Many artificial ponds and water features suffer from high organic loading and sludge build-up, often leading to murkiness, foaming and other issues. The use of natural bacteria to break down the sludges and consume excess nutrients is the most cost effective way to remedy a pond and achieve perfect water quality. 


Water Clarity

Water Clarity Problems. Clarity problems occur whenever you have a combination of pond water, sun, N (nitrogen) and P (phosphorous). The live bacteria in AquaClean™ ACF-SC Dual-Packs consume N and P as food.  The AquaClean™ bacteria consume N and P extremely quickly, without   any toxicity. Dual-Packs restore the natural balance in a pond, which means a healthy mix of natural bacteria. Through use of  Dual-Packs, a pond is restored to its' natural clarity and beauty.

Sludge & Odour

Sludge and Odour Problems: Almost all ponds, particularly older ponds, have sludge build up. Sludge is the organic sediment located at the bottom of the pond. Several problems happen when the sludge build up gets heavy. The pond may have plenty of oxygen in the water near the top of the water column, but in the sludge at the bottom of the pond, there is very little oxygen.

Disease-causing, odour-causing “anaerobic bacteria” live in the  sludge at the bottom of the pond. The worse the sludge build up, the greater the risk of fish disease, and the worse the odours will become.  Foul pond odours (usually thought of as “rotten egg smell”) come from the sludge in the bottom of the pond.

AquaClean™ Dual-Pack

The Solution: AquaClean™ ACF-SC Dual-Pack is designed specially for ponds and lakes and consists of a liquid concentrated bacteria and the powder based Aquasock that work together to digest the sludge at the bottom of a pond. This means that the risk of fish disease is reduced, and foul pond odours are eliminated.

Note: AquaClean™ bacteria digest organic sludge (leaves, dead algae, fish/bird waste, etc.).  AquaClean™ products do not digest clay, sand or silt.

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