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Nutrel Fertiliser Range


We are now supplying the Nu-Trel range of crop nutritional products that work in conjunction with our AquaClean™ bacteria range to deliver the best crop and soil nutrition options to our customers. 

Nu-trel products are available "off-the-shelf" in a wide range of standard formulations in soluble powder or liquid form - all of which provide a high degree of compatibility with agrochemicals. 

We can also discuss specialised formulations to meet precise requirements for particular crops following soil, irrigation water and plant analysis. Such is the flexibility of Nu-Trel that we can even do this on a field-by-field basis if necessary.

The Nu-Trel range is available in dry-flow or liquid form with both organic and inorganic products available.

The products supplied by Nutrel in a dry flow (powder) form Includes the Fastmix range (high analysis inorganic secondary and micro-nutrients), the Nutrifol range (high analysis macro-, secondary and micro-nutrients) and Micro-Boosters (specific nutrients to meet special requirements).

Nu-Trel’s range of liquid fertilisers Includes Nutrifast Liquids (inorganic macro-, secondary and micro-nutrients), Intrafol Liquids (stabilised liquid nitrogen with Calcium, Sulphur or Magnesium), and Nutrichel Liquids (complex and chelated liquids as single or multi-nutrient formulations).

As well as dry flow and liquid fertlisers, Nu-Trel have an extensive range of organic fertlisers derived from both fish or plant materials that target your required needs.

We offer free specialised treatment plans on a case by case bases with no obligation to buy.

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