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Nova Q starring with Farmer Phil!

Luke Moran – Nova Q’s resident ag expert – was recently invited on to Farmer Phil’s massively popular YouTube channel to showcase some of Nova Q’s bacteria solutions for dairy and beef farmers.


Phil was interested in improving the quality of the slurry from his beef enterprise. In simple terms, that means increasing their nutrient content while decreasing the unwanted aspects of slurry: smells, crusting, and agitation time.

The slurry treatment we supply is a proprietary brew designed to speed up the biological oxidation of slow-to-degrade organic matter. We combine carefully chosen strains of bacteria with specific nutrient loads to maximise their efficiency.  The two together deliver bacteria and enzyme activity at optimum levels to break down solids in your slatted and outdoor tanks.

And it’s not just Phil who has been impressed by what our ACTIVATOR range of bacteria can do for slurry:

“Simple money maker - less time needed for a contractor because it agitates quicker and flows better. It allows me to use less fertiliser due to the nutrients it releases in the slurry and it’s very easy to use.”

Will Quane - Fermoy, Co. Cork

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Our Markets


Nova Q have been supplying innovative disinfectants for many years. We offer a variety of disinfectant and cleaning products for professional use.


Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technologies have evolved quickly in recent years - we can help manage some of the common problems often arising in RAS.

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Lake Treatment & Environmental Remediation

The use of natural bacteria to break down sludges and consume excess nutrients is the most cost effective way to restore a pond to perfect water quality.

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Waste Water Treatment

Nova Q help treatment plant operators get the maximum from their systems, combining technical expertise with the AquaClean™ biological product range.

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Septic Tanks

Like all biological systems, septic tanks and small-scale community water treatment plants rely on a healthy population of the right bacteria species in order to perform.

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Crop Nutrition

Matching the nutrient treatments with the crop is often a challenge - our products and expertise can help you get the best from your crops.

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Soil Biology

The soil food web is an intricate, interdependent, and fragile network of life, and its symbiotic relationships are fundamental for agriculture.

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Agricultural Waste

All organic by-products from agriculture are valuable. But they need to be managed carefully to maximise their re-use in the circular economy.

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Compost contains high levels of nutrients which are not readily bio-available - using bacteria is a highly effective strategy for changing this.

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Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestion is a complex biological process. We have developed an extensive offering of innovative products and technologies specifically for the AD market.

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Innovation has always been the focus in Nova Q and, whilst most of our products and services fit into some key categories, there are some with a broader range of applications:

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