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Crop Nutrition

It can be a difficult task for farmers to get the correct balance between adding necessary nutritional products to crops and soil whilst limiting damage to the natural balance within the soil.  At Nova-Q Ltd, we strive to deliver ground breaking products that not only increase crop yields but also nourishes the soil in cost effective and easy to apply manners.

AquaClean™ products contain naturally occurring bacteria found in a healthy soil profile which helps to restore natural balance and improve the overall condition of the soil.  The formulation is a stable, ready-to-pour liquid, containing aerobic, facultative anaerobic photosynthetic and chemotropic species, It is a natural product, non-pathogenic and with no genetically modified organisms and has been certified for use on organic crops by IOFGA. 

On-farm application on broad acre crops can be with a sprayer or mixed in with manures and composts before spreading or even been used in nutrient tea brews via irrigators.


  Improve soil structure and porosity

  Increase the availability of nutrients resulting in better natural plant health:

  Improved natural plant health increases resistance to disease;

  Increasing resistance to disease. AquaClean™ reduces requirement for additional nitrogen fertiliser. Read More:

We have begun to work closely with Nutrel, the UK’s leading plant nutrient manufacturer. Trials conducted by Nutrel have clearly demonstrated the symbiotic relationship between targeted natural bacteria and their specialist crop nutrition programmes. 

The closely entwined working relationship between Nova-Q and Nu-Trel ends the search by both companies for products that not only worked well together, but also enhance the performance of our respective products. Read More:

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