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Terenure College

Successful Pond Treatment with Bacteria

The lake at Terenure College which is one of the main features in the grounds is 330m long running along the length of the playing fields and estimated to be between 15,000m3 and 20,000m3 in volume. The lake is fed by surface waste water as well as some local spring water.
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For many years there has been a combination of natural organic decay and surface water pollution, as well as run-off from the adjoining playing fields that has caused both sludge (organic) and silt (inorganic) build up. The resultant nutrient imbalance has resulted in cloudy water, pungent odours and regular algal blooms across the entire lake.

Various methods of cleaning the lake were considered including dredging which is time consuming, very costly and a short to medium term solution at best. In May 2012 Nova-Q approached the College with a view to applying a natural bacteria product, AquaClean™ to supplement the ecosystem within the lake and restore the natural balance.


Treatment of the lake began at the end of June 2012 with a relatively high dose inoculation to kick start the process. With ongoing treatments Nova-Q were able to use non hazardous, natural bacteria within Aquaclean ACF-32 and AquaClean Sludge Away to remediate the lake and restore the micro-nutrient balance in a manner that was of no risk to the natural wildlife of the area, nor being a risk to college students, staff or visitors.

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In just 8 weeks the overwhelming level of algae, which is an indicator of nutrient imbalance, had ceased to form and there was an obvious reduction in the odour levels. 5 years later, Terenure College continue to use a mantainance dose of AquaClean™ to keep the lake’s ecosystem balanced resulting in a clear, healthy and visibly enjoyable water feature.

Early in 2016 a team of Herpetologists were amazed to discover a species of newt living in the pond associated with a healthy, dynamic ecosystem that's testement to appropriate managent.

"I'd like to congratulate you on such an amazing wildlife pond. To say we were blown away by the diversity and health of the lake ecosystem last night is an understatement."
Rob Gandola. Senior Science Officer, The Herpetological Society of Ireland

The Benefits of Aquaclean:

  • Keeps ponds clean and clear
  • Eliminate noxious odours
  • Safe for all wildlife
  • Easy to apply and environmentally friendly
  • Breaks down organic sludge and grime
  • Reduces ammonia and organic nitrogen levels
  • Reduces organic load – Biological Oxygen Demand

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