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Sutton Golf Course

We were contacted due to algal problems in the lake on the 7th hole in Sutton golf course. The lake is a source of irrigation water for the course and any algal growth will block the pumps and damage the greens. The algal bloom was a result of too much nutrients causing an imbalance in the water.

The main external nutrient contributing to the eutrophication (nutrient enrichment) was nitrogen caused by runoff and soil erosion from the fertilised green and entering the lake. Internal origin of the nutrients came from the lakes sediments where Phosphate attached. When dissolved oxygen concentration is low in the water (anoxic) as was the case in Sutton, sediments release phosphate into the water column.

We were confident we would be able solve the issues with the application of AquaClean™ Dual Pack. Designed especially for ponds and lakes the dual Pack consists of a liquid concentrated bacteria and the powder based BacBag that work together to digest the sludge at the bottom of a pond and restore the natural balance within water systems.

Treatment of the lake began in early June 2016 with a regular treatment of AquaClean™ Dual Pack and the insertion of an aeration system. By late June, encouraged by the aeration system, the bacteria within the ACF-SC and Bac-Bags which makes up the Dual Pack had started competing with the algal bloom for the excess nutrients and the bloom began to die back.

By mid July the lake was visibly clearer as the bacteria thrived on the nutrients.

Early August brought an almost clear lake and by the end of the month, just 83 days after treatment began, the lake was clear and wildlife had begun to return to the lake and thrive.

The photos below show the amazing results at Sutton Golf Course:

20160602 081301
June 2nd, 2016: The algal bloom is a visble sign of the lakes nutrient imbalance
20160714 075631
July 14th, 2016: The pond is visibly clearer.
20160809 085454
August 9th, 2016: A lot more wildlife making use of the clearer pond.
20160824 083338
August 24th, 2016: Amazing clarity within 83 days of initial treatment

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