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Field Trial Success - Maize

AquaClean™Bacterial Boost for Digestate on Land

Microbial Inoculation and Crop Nutrition for Energy Maize

Digestate is well established as an excellent fertiliser, but recent field studies have revealed that it can be so much better. A well timed application of AquaClean bacteria has shown in replicated trials to
significantly boost the fertilising capacity, and therefore value of the digestate.

AquaClean™ Products are specially prepared consortia of natural bacteria which perform essential roles, particularly in the Nitrogen, but also Carbon and Sulphur cycles in the soil. Heavy applications of digestate inhibit the micro activity in the soil and well timed applications of the right bacteria liberate the locked up nutrients necessary for optimum crop development.

The benefits of AquaClean™Products are further enhanced by co-applying with Nu-Trel Intrafol B-Evergreen+ and other nutritional products.

AquaClean™ Products have been seen to:

  •  Enhance the performance of organic fertilisers (Digestate / Slurry / Manure / Compost);
  • Improve soil structure and porosity;
  • Increase the availability of nutrients resulting in better natural plant health and resistance to abiotic stress;
  •  Improve overall crop quality traits;
  •  Reduce the Phosphorous index in soils.

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