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Biological Enzyme Systems for Advanced Hydrolysis

Hydrolysis is the rate limiting step in Anaerobic Digestion. Poor hydrolysis leads to pump stress, longer retention times and bad stability characteristics, often compounded by operating at higher temperatures than are optimum.

AquaClean™ AD Activator products contain a broad diversity of naturally occurring bacteria species, blended with specific nutrients for the targeted production of wide-ranging enzymes to accelerate bio-hydrolysis. These can be manipulated and focused towards site-specific enzyme groups, selected and adapted to suit most feedstock. The most recent development is AD Activator Plus, which is specific to cellulosic feedstocks.

Hydrolysed feedstock produces gas faster than untreated feedstock, it is easier to digest and reduces the potential for crust to form.

AquaClean™AD Activator product provides the following benefits to AD:

 Rapid bio-hydrolysis;

 Improved biological stability and reduced downtime;

 Reduced solids resulting in better pumpability and digestate handling;

 Accelerates the start-up and recovery of AD plants;

 Eliminates and prevents future build-up of crust inside both primary and secondary digesters;

 Better hydrolysis increases the capacity of the AD plant.

More and more customers have seen the benefits of using AquaClean™ in the Anaerobic Digestion processes first hand across Ireland and the U.K. Find out how we can be of help to your process from field to digester.

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