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Bacteria products have been on the market for many years and recently there has been an explosion of new ones as new scientific advances allow for more complex formulations to emerge. But this is still only the beginning...

New species are being developed every day and new analytical methods help us understand how these all interact. So the potential is endless and there is hardly a biological process that can’t benefit from some form of bio-augmentation or stimulation.  Development has not been limited to identifying new species, it is as much about new ways to apply and deploy the bacteria solutions that have been around for many years.

Nova Q, along with BluePlanet labs and its partners have developed a wide range of effective solutions in the following areas:

 Waste water with high ammonia loads

 Open water and pond/lake projects


 Odour prevention

 Compost and Anaerobic Digestion

 Agricultural waste 

 Soil biology and crop enhancement

 Soil remediation

 Sports fields

We are committed to developing products and applications further to enhance the overall performance and value for each application.

John Wong, AAT, discusses the diverse blend of microbes in ACF-SR to promote soil and crop health for greenhouses and large farms

If you have a problem for which you feel there could be a biological solution – challenge us…

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