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RAS-Right is manufactured to the highest standards and is free from pathogens and GMOs. It can be applied in a wide range of temperatures from 5° to 35°C and has a 30-month shelf life from the date of manufacture.

RAS-Right can be either used on its own as a ready-to-use product or as part of an AquaClean BioReactor system with RAS Boost for enhanced functionality, with the following benefits:

  • Ready-to-use product for both inoculation and maintenance of moving-bed and fixed-bed biofilters;
  • Can be used in RAS systems with up to 14ppt salinity;
  • When used in AquaClean BioReactors will have enhanced functionality for reduction of nitrites;
  • Can be transported and stored in ambient conditions. 

Where RAS systems are in the range 12 to 16ppt salinity, it is recommended to use both RAS-Right and ACF-RAS-Right Marine. For systems designed to operate over 14ppt, RAS-Right-Marine should be used.

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