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ACF-RAS-Right Marine

Where RAS-Right will provide nitrifying bacteria that function in salinity from 0 to 12ppt, functionality is impaired at and above these levels.

RAS-Right-Marine is specifically formulated with  nitrifying bacteria for saline water and ensures optimum
performance at all levels of salinity above 10ppt. It can be used with RAS-Right for complete flexibility in conditions, or on its own where it is known salinity will remain above 10ppt.

RAS-Right-Marine is a broad consortium of naturally occurring bacteria species, including nitrifying bacteria, in a stable, high salinity liquid form which rapidly seeds and enhances the
nitrification and denitrification process in saltwater RAS systems.

RAS-Right is manufactured to the highest standards and is free from pathogens and GMOs. It can be applied in a wide range of temperatures from 5° to 35°C and has a 30-month shelf life from the date of manufacture.

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