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    “Ras-Right worked really well for us. Our MBBR started quickly and our ammonia and nitrite numbers are right where we want them.” - Dr. A. Whiston, Great British Prawns

Nova Q - Driving Innovation in RAS Water Quality

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technologies have evolved quickly in recent years and are now seen to hold the key to both environmental and capacity issues that must be solved in an industry where demand is set to double in the coming years.

However, RAS as an emerging technology is not without challenges, amongst the most important of which are robust nitrification and biological filtration. BluePlanet Labs have many years of experience developing bacteria consortia and have a particular expertise in functional nitrification and denitrification products with enhanced stability, now extended to 30 months from manufacture.

Effective disinfection is also critical in RAS. The batch to batch nature, particularly at early growth stages, means disinfection and preservation of biosecurity involves a considerable chemical footprint. Up to now, this has involved an abundance of hazardous chemicals and personal protective clothing, but new to this market is Hydrus RAS, the powerful, non-hazardous chlorine-based disinfectant that is a greener, safer alternative for the future.

RAS-Right Nitrification & Denitrification

RAS-Right Nitrification & Denitrification

Hydrus RAS - Non-Hazardous Disinfection

Hydrus RAS - Non-Hazardous Disinfection

Training & Technical Support

Training & Technical Support

Innovation Space

Innovation Space

So, what is a RAS?

Hatcheries need lots of water as they need to simulate a natural river environment. Flow-through systems rely on diverting large volumes of water from lakes and rivers through fish tanks and out the other end. Depending on size and the location, these are likely to have large water treatment systems at the back end to ensure the water returning to the river is as clean as possible. RAS allows the vast majority of this water (usually a 95% target) to be reused over and over again.

With the volume of water needed, this means huge biofilters for the removal of ammonia with very short retention times, often at sub-optimum temperatures for the process.

The RAS-Right range of products has been specifically developed to satisfy the nitrification and denitrification needs of the Global RAS market.

There are three products in the RAS-Right range:

  • ACF-RAS-Right: Freshwater
  • ACF-RAS-Right-Marine
  • ACF-RAS-Boost.

In addition, Nova Q offers other products that are suitable for use in Aquaculture:

  • Hydrus™ 75 – a non-hazardous disinfectant for both surface and water disinfection. Available in both concentrated liquid and wipes.
  • Predator – a simple dechlorinator, for use after chlorine-based disinfectants.
  • Aquaclean™ ACF-Sludge Abate – an organic and bacteria complex which is safe for fish and acts as a scavenger for residual biocides after cleaning and disinfection.


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