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Whilst RAS-Right and RAS-Right-Marine are ready-to-use products they can also be grown and enhanced in easy to use Grow-Tanks Systems, using RAS-Boost as a tailored bacteria product with macro and micronutrients, designed to enhance the functionality of all three stages of ammonia removal.

  • Grow-Tank Systems can be made any size and so offer total flexibility in application, whether treating one RAS filter or 30 at a time;
  • The RAS-Boost ensure bacteria are fully functional in 7 to 10 days, and can be kept running as a continuous source of RAS-Right bacteria, often acclimatized to any salinity;
  • Removal of nitrite can be enhanced ahead of application to the bioreactors;
  • It is not necessary to introduce biomedia to the Grow-Tank, allowing the bacteria to be transferred by pump.
  • Addition of RAS-Right bacteria from Grow-Tanks has been seen to reduce mortality in fish transport. 

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