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    Working closely with Nutrel Products we have adopted a range of simple tests that we perform for our bacteria and nutrient clients.

Agriculture Technical Support

When your focus is the environmental deployment of nutrients for plants, it is important to back this up with an understanding of when crops needs particular nutrients and how to make them most effective.

Working closely with Nutrel Products we have adopted a range of simple tests that we perform for our bacteria and nutrient clients. The goal is to identify when a crop needs to be fed and adopt the foliar and biological programmes to optimise nutrient use efficiency.

Why is this important?

It is very common in agriculture to deploy nutrient at a time that suits the work cycle, rather than when it is needed by the crop. Often this means applications of organic fertilisers and bagged fertilisers at the same time, early in the crop, putting out 80 or 90% of the crops required nutrient at the time when it just does not need it.

Take Maize as an example - the work of the late Don Schriefer highlights that the crop has critical trigger points and needs over 50% of its NPK nutrient between knee high and shoulder high development.

For cereals such as barley and wheat, how often has it been seen that a fantastic looking crop fails to properly fill grain? This can be avoided by simple testing at the right time to establish if the crop is running out of steam.

Compatibility Testing

When applying live bacteria products, it is essential to make sure they are still alive through the sprayer. Nova Q can test compatibility with other chemical products to see if they can be co applied.

We also supply a simple de-chlorinator to use with mains water to ensure there is no trace of chlorine left in the tank prior to adding the bacteria.

On Farm Tests:

Whether you are an existing customer or not, you can contact us to do some testing on your crop to assess what nutrient may or may not be needed at a particular time in the growth stage. The testing costs will vary based on location, but can be rebated against purchases of NuTrel of ACF products either from Nova Q or Irish Organic Feeds. Contact us for more details.

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