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Agricultural Products

We have a wide range of products aimed specifically at the agricultural market from pre-sowing soil treatment to post harvest slurry biological treatments.

We now supply a wide range of dry flow and liquid crop nutritional products that work in conjunction with our AquaClean™ bacteria range to deliver the best crop and soil nutrition options to our customers. 

Soil Inoculation

Biological soil inoculation through regular applications of AquaClean™ natural bacteria to the soil directly or through digestate maintains a healthy population of bacteria and also has the capacity to breakdown residual pesticides. Read More:

Slurry Treatment

The AquaClean™ range is a highly active mobile accelerator designed specifically to speed up the biological oxidation process of slow to degrade organic matter. A stable range of products, when applied to organic waste, significantly reduces odours and improves biological process stability. Read More:

Anaerobic Digestion

AquaClean™ products are each a broad range of naturally occurring bacteria species which, when applied through our specially designed AD Activator systems, deliver a highly concentrated and diverse mix of bacteria and enzymes to significantly improve bio-hydrolysis, the rate limiting step in AD. Read More:

B-EverGreen Plus

B EverGreen Plus is a high quality liquid fertiliser containing polymethylene urea, a slow release form of nitrogen that is very safe for use at generous strength on a wide range of plants. The product also contains Phopshate and Potassium to provide a balanced fertiliser. Read More:

NutriChel CaB

Nutrichel CAB offers High levels of plant available Calcium and Boron providing rapid uptake by the plant via the leaves or roots by increasing cell wall rigidity. Read More:

Nutrifast PhosStar

NuTrifast PhosStar is a formulated blend of Phosphorus, Sulphur, Manganese, along with Magnesium to prevent and cure deficiency and improve crop nutrient status. Read More:

Fastmix Magnesium Plus

Fastmix Magnesium Plus is a unique combination of soluble magnesium and sulphur incorporating a range of micro nutrients in a highly concentrated form designed to rapidly treat and correct deficiencies in all crops. Read More:

Zinc DP

Zinc DP is a high analysis zinc-based product is designed for application to seed tubers and soil to reduce zinc deficiency and enhance the cell membrane integrity of potato roots and tubers. Read More:

Fastmix K-Man Special

Fastmix K-Man Special is formulated blends of inorganic Potassium, Manganese, Nitrogen, Sulphur, Boron, Copper & Molybdenum in a powder form to prevent and cure deficiencies, as well as improve crop quality and health. Read More:

NuGro Organic Fertiliser Range

The NuGro range is a new generation of organic liquid feeds.  The 8.7.7, which is already available, is derived from micronized plant or fish protein sources and is suitable for use as a supplementary fertilizer input on all agricultural and horticultural crops in organic growing situations. The balance of the range is manufactured from plant-derived raw materials and all contain beneficial levels of secondary micronutrients. Read More:

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