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ACF-PAC Marine

AquaClean™ PAC Marine creates a healthy environment for your marine/salt water aquaculture system, promoting a healthier environment and faster fish growth. Specially formulated with aerobic, facultative, and facultative-anaerobe bacteria and nutrients able to perform in a wide range of pH (5 to 9) and saline levels of marine environment

Reduces ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels for improved discharge water quality.

 Significantly reduces noxious odours caused by algae, fish waste and unused food decay.

 Reduces frequency of removing sludge buildup, allowing faster turnaround after harvest of fish and shrimp lagoons.

 Reduces hydrogen sulfide, which creates strong, offensive odours.

 Reduces B.O.D. and related organic loads which can cause off taste flavors in fish/shrimp.

 Breaks down dead algae and organic sludge.

 Seeds and maintains biological filters, improving overall function.

 Can be used in tanks, raceways, lagoons, ponds and pools.

 Effective over a wide range of pH conditions.

 Sustains biological activity in water temperatures down to 40 degrees F (4 degrees C)

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