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Waste Water Treatments

Waste water treatment is generally a biological process. Whilst municipal projects tend to struggle more with hydraulic issues, with industrial projects the challenges tend to be different: variable organic load; high solids; fats; ammonia; de-nitrification; sludge yield efficiency and odour are most common.
AquaClean™ products provide a robust solution to all of these challenges. Broad spectrum bacteria products, with aerobic, facultative anaerobic, photosynthetic and chemotrophic species, in stable ready to use liquid products. They will function in most environments between pH 4 and 9 and temperatures up to 40°C, as well as high ammonia in thousands of ppm. They can also be manipulated to treat the most complex of wastes, including hydrocarbons (including creosote) and complex industrial chemicals.
AquaClean™ products are practical and effective due to the unique methods of brewing, concentrating and stabilising massive numbers of live nitrifying bacteria for use in all waste water systems, from domestic sewage to industrial systems. 
Proven time and again to quickly restore treatment plants to full activity following all too familiar toxic shocks whether from high loadings or difficult to digest waste.  The bacteria decrease the total dissolved solids of the liquid effluent, the result being plant capacity and efficiency is improved.
Results have shown to:
 Rapidly restart systems that have lost nitrification due to toxic or hydraulic load
 Start systems that are coming into seasonal ammonia permit restrictions
 Bring NH3 effluent compliance to a plant that is in partial nitrification but cannot meet its ammonia permit due to hydraulic or organic loading greater than the design flow.
Both ready to use and bio-reactor versions are available, as well as complimentary “Nitrifier Activator” macro/micro nutrient blends to speed up and enhance applications.
Regular maintenance doses of AquaClean™ microbial products will also reduce sludge generation and increase the plant’s capacity to survive and recover from shock loads.
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