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Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestion is a complex biological process.  Common issues include odour complaints, FOS/TAC issues, ammonia accumulation, pH imbalance and excessive solids.  Any one of thes can cause minor disturbances to complete shutdown of the plant.

At Nova Q, we look at AD processes from the biological perspective:  feedstock management, solids content, inhibitors, nutrient balance are all important.  But with simple additions we are able to stabilise most systems so that they become more robust, have less solids issue and ultimately produce improve yields.

AquaClean™ products are each a broad range of naturally occurring bacteria species which, when applied through our specially designed AD Activator systems, deliver a highly concentrated and diverse mix of bacteria and enzymes to significantly improve bio-hydrolysis, the rate limiting step in AD. 

Furthermore, application techniques target enzyme activity towards specific waste such as lignin cellulose, fats and oils to get the most out of the process. Effective bio-hydrolysis also significantly improves the pumping properties of the feedstock and ensures the gas is produced very quickly, increasing the overall capacity of the digester.

For best results, apply AquaClean™ products as part of a hydrolysis step, in advance of the main reactor. The bacteria and enzymes however, can deal with issues at any stage within the system.

AquaClean™ products have been proven to:

 Improve hydrolysis - the rate limiting step.

 Improve process stability

 Stabilise nitrogen and reduce odour

 Improve breakdown of cellulosic and hard to digest materials

 Increase gas yields

AquaClean™ products are natural, non-pathogenic and with no genetically modified organisms and can be applied direct from the container or prepared on site in a bio-reactor (recommended).  Various treatment options are available depending on type of process. 

Our growing list of customers have seen the benefits of using AquaClean™ in the Anaerobic Digestion processes first hand across Ireland and the U.K. Find out how we can be of help to your process from field to digester.

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