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Activated Carbon

Nova-Q Ltd. is a leading supplier of Activated Carbon to the Irish market. Our main markets are water treatment, chemical filtering and odour prevention but we can supply to any market Activated Carbon is available in many forms.
Product Supply & Follow-On Support
We offer a full service relating to the supply of activated carbon including technical support/trouble shooting and sample analysis capabilities. We also have strong back up support from our suppliers.
We offer a full inventory of activated carbon filters for the treatment of both air and water. Our product range includes pellitised, granular and powdered activated carbon produced from bases such as charcoal, coconut and wood.
We service many industries, including water treatment, food processing, chemical processing, pollution control and oil/gas refineries
Activated Carbon Benefits:
Combat increased levels of air contaminants, and to meet environmental legislation
Maintain the cleanliness of your water with our specialist carbon based treatments
Treat flue gases produced by incinerators with specialist activated carbon in compliance with emissions standards
Remove air contaminants such as gaseous heavy metals and dioxins
Ideal for municipal, industrial and process water treatments
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