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  • Anaerobic Digestion

    Anaerobic Digestion

    Advanced bio-hydrolysis and process improvement: enhance the rate limiting step in AD with AquaClean™ Activator bacteria, enzymes and micro-nutrient systems.

  • Crops


    Nitrogen has many functions in plant life for successful growth and reproduction. Treating manure with ACF-32 increases the availability of nitrogen for plants. It also improves the quality of the manure and makes it more fluid by reducing the build-up of solids.

  • Agricultural Wastes

    Agricultural Wastes

    Reduce odours, sulphides, crusting and improve biological process stability with natural bacteria

  • High Ammonia

    High Ammonia

    Nitrification with AquaClean™ bacteria has been proven to be effective even in wastewater with high ammonia levels.

  • Pond & Lake Treatments

    Pond & Lake Treatments

    Have clearer ponds and lakes with our concentrated liquid bacteria and the powder based AquaSock that work together to digest the sludge


    We're always looking for new ideas, suggestions and enquiries and we welcome and value your feedback. Please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be happy to look after you.

Our Sectors

Working closely with our suppliers and partners across Europe, Asia and North America we can assure supply of quality products for Agriculture, Aquaculture, Anaerobic Digestion, Water and Waste Treatment industries assuring value through managed change within Ireland and the U.K.  



    We supply a range of cost effective products to significantly reduce odours and sulphides in slurry, redcue crusting, improve homogeneity and lock in nitrogen to improve fertiliser value.



    New biological developments can help the whole anaerobic digestion cycle including pre-treatment, the digestion process and as a separate application to enhance digestate value to the soil



    We supply a number of products for waste treatment that range from activated carbon filters to electrochemical oxidiation. Our products are suitable for all areas from Anaerobic Digestion to Baled Waste

  • Awards

    Cré Organic Suppliers Award 2013

  • Value Through Managed Change

    Our business model is based on bringing our customers together with the best supply partners as well as bringing the best in product innovations, delivering value focussed solutions in a flexible manner. We are building our product portfolio all the time, always on the lookout for new innovations helping us to keep our promise to deliver value through managed change.

  • Environmental Awareness

    Today’s Environment has to be cleaned by nature-friendly means that are easy to handle and not dangerous for users. Nova-Q Ltd. have a range of products that will do the job you need, at a low cost and without harming the environment. 

  • "I'd like to congratulate you on such an amazing wildlife pond. To say we were blown away by the diversity and health of the lake ecosystem last night is an understatement."

    Rob Gandola. Senior Science Officer, The Herpetological Society of Ireland
    Terenure College Pond - Herpetologist Survey
    Spring 2016
  • "The Carmelites acquired the house in 1860 and opened it as a secondary school for boys. They made various additions and amendments to the property, but the 330-metre lake remained. In recent years, though, the water became polluted and malodorous, so in 2012 a Dublin company (Nova-Q Ltd.) was commissioned to clean it using natural bacterial agents. It worked, and the lake has now become the focus of the Terenure College Lake Wildlife Walk, a nature trail featuring ornamental trees, wildflowers, waterbirds, bats and songbirds, open to all."

    Irish Independent - April 1st, 2016
    Terenure College Lake
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